lets make LINKed music
at the #MMM2017berlin
in march 2017

What does it sound like when a crowd makes music?
Which styles can we create over a network of apps & laptops?
Come to the ((( BOLjam ))) music making meetup to find out!

Ableton Link in Great Blog Articles

You can’t get enough of Ableton Link and still want to learn more?

In preparation for the ((( BOL*jam ))) event and in addition to the ten awesome videos, which give an overview of the usage of Ableton Link, we found four worth reading articles and ranked them for you. If the videos were a little bit too fast you now have the chance to read about what’s behind the technology and the new possibilities that apps have when they are integrated with Link.


Don’t forget to circle July 22nd in your calendar! We’ll see you at the Noize Fabrik! —> more info.

#1: Simple and concise – Link Pros and Cons

A succinct and well written article, everything is on point about Ableton Link. At the end there is a short summary in the form of pros & cons. If you want to be informed quickly and easily, this is the right one.



#2: Interconnected Music Making in Detail

For everyone who has a little more time: This article explains Link meticulously. A video, numerous photos and screenshots give a good overview and also helpful instructions for setting up Link.



#3: Interview with the Developers of Link

This article is our favorite. In addition to a good introduction of the app’s functionality the author also looks at the development. The author even conducted an interview with the developers of Ableton Link – and you can read about it here. Very interesting!




#4: Ableton Live 9.6

This article is about the new Ableton Live 9.6 update and the role Link plays there.



And one more

You can find an extensive and updated list of all app that support Link here:



That it is. Yours, Bianca

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