lets make LINKed music
at the #MMM2017berlin
in march 2017

What does it sound like when a crowd makes music?
Which styles can we create over a network of apps & laptops?
Come to the ((( BOLjam ))) music making meetup to find out!

10 Videos: Ways You Can Use Ableton Link for Making Music in a Band

For you we have filtered out and ranked 10 app music videos from the multimedia flood held by YouTube in preparation for the upcoming ((( BOL*jam ))). The first videos give an overview of Ableton Link. They are followed by possible and reasonable connections between Ableton Link and other apps. Finally, our list concludes with live demonstrations and app music jams using Ableton Link.


We hope you get an insight into the enriching possibilities offered by Ableton Link. With our small but nice video pool we would like to give you ideas with which apps it can be advantageously combined. Furthermore, we want to shed light on the creative potential inhered in these music app symbioses. Let yourself be inspired by the audio-visual input at hand to do your very own sound experimentations. We look forward to meeting you at the ((( BOL*jam ))) on July 22 @ Noize Fabrik – until then: Happy jamming and trialling!


#1 Promo Video by Ableton

This is a short promo video by and about Ableton Link which communicates the potential lying in this app – also for the app music newbie!

Furthermore, this promo video shows how the app can be used in the context of music production –> [video link].


#2 Audiobus & Ableton Link

Audiobus with Ableton Link-integration? Yes, please! Jakob Haq shows how it’s done. “It’s logic. You can’t fight it.”


#3 Jamming with Rectable

An additional extension with the app Rectable enhances interactive playing and jamming.


#4 SoundPrism with Link

Jakob Hag demonstrates the potential lying in the symbiosis of Ableton Link and SoundPrism.


#5 Remix Live

The combination of Remixlive and Ableton Link further extends the possible sound spectrum of music apps.


#6 Six iPads in Sync

The developers of triqtraq and Elastic Drums show their own version of a Ableton Link jam session.


#7 Music App Manufacture Jam

Live jam of various app musicians at the SUPERBOOTH16.


#8 Eight Linked Apps on Seven Mobile Devices

A further app music jam session by the developers of triqtraq and Elastic Drums.


#9 Mega-Audiobus-Link-Project

YouTube user redskylullaby shows her/his AbletonLink+Audiobus improvisation on the iPad.


#10 Digi-Link-Ensemble

The musicians of the DigiEnsemble Berlin connected 12 iPads via Ableton Link, thereby creating a small scale room installation.


All in all, those are some first ideas of what is possible with Ableton Link. At the ((( BOL*j ))) on July 22 we will even go a step further with you by creating a huge music network connecting 40–50 devices and apps with each other. Are you in? Register now on Facebook – [Facebook-Event]!

See you later…



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