lets make LINKed music
at the #MMM2017berlin
in march 2017

What does it sound like when a crowd makes music?
Which styles can we create over a network of apps & laptops?
Come to the ((( BOLjam ))) music making meetup to find out!


What happens when you spread a dozen iPads out, across different rooms, and try to sync them wirelessly with Ableton Link?

We used the following musical apps:

  • Patterning
  • ElasticDrums
  • MoDrums
  • KORG iKaossilator
  • Fugue Machine

and a WIFI-Device.

There are many more apps supporting LINK out now 🙂

The new Ableton LINK works very stabile and on time.

This was just a TESTING for many more musical pieces in 2016! We are excited about this new possibilities for mobile music making.

THX Finn Dorian for the camera walk.

Music and Concept by Matthias Krebs and Marc Godau from the DigiEnsemble Berlin.






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